Getting the Books You Need to Build Your Program

After developing the curriculum and defining the program sequence, the next step is to select the textbooks for each course. Choosing a textbook is an important part of course design because it guides the lecture content and cultivates a positive learning experience. Springer Publishing provides a simple, six step process for selecting the best books for your course.

Step 1: Request an Exam Copy

Cartoon man at computer - Request Exam Copy

If you are an instructor who would like to consider a book as a possible required textbook for a course, request a free Exam Copy at

Information Required for Requesting an Exam Copy:

  • Book Information
  • Instructor’s Name, Title, School, and Contact Information
  • Course Name, Number, Enrollment, and Start Date
  • Current Textbook(s)

Note: Your book should arrive in less than two weeks if it is published. If you’ve requested a book that will publish in the future, the book will ship at time of publication.

Step 2: Review the Book

Cartoon woman reviewing titles - Review the Book

Carefully review the contents of the book to determine if it satisfactorily covers the subject matter of the course. Share your comments with your textbook representative.

Step 3:Make a Decision

Cartoon book with check mark - Make a Decision

Step 4: Contact Your Campus Bookstore

Man and bookshelf cartoon - Contact Campus Bookstore

Have your university’s bookstore order the required course books for your students to purchase.

Step 5: Request Instructor’s Copy

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Fill out our request form to receive a complimentary copy of the title you have adopted for your course. Don’t forget to make sure all course instructors have the book and ancillary material they need. If you or other instructors don’t have any of these resources, contact us right away!

Request Instructor Copies

Step 6: Teach Your Class!

Cartoon professor lecturing - Teach Your Class

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